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Thank you for coming from different countries,To support our customers and friends of different colors of ten years,As everyone knows.RFIDSHOP is an online shopping platform,The members and the volume increased,Data amount exceeds the capacity of the server,So,We July 1st to the site of the necessary revision and upgrade,In the process of server migration,Loss may cause part of the membership information,At the same time on June orders,A possible delay in shipment,Account lost friend,Can be re registered,After shopping,Please send us an email, address:,We will send a sample for you,After the new platform migration,Flow and speed will be much faster than the original,We will try our best to keep the data migration,We hope you continue to support.

Thank you.

In order to ensure that data is not lost, users in the site on the upper right corner of the navigation bar and click on the link to enter the old website (the old site only data search, no shopping) as shown below:





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